How to maintain waterproof sport camera?

2017-02-16 18:34:19

Waterproof case can protect camera from waters. But if the case was used improperly, it can’t be waterproof anymore. Therefore we have to learn how to maintain waterproof sport cameras. Below are some tips.


Firstly, water temperature should be the first consideration. When using the waterproof camera underwater, the temperature should not be over 30 degrees. If the water temperature is over 30 degrees, the case would lose waterproof function. And it is better not to use the waterproof camera under sea water. The salt in waters may bring corrosion on some metal part of the waterproof case.


Secondly, dust. Normally, the waterproof cases have function of dust proof. But if the waterproof sport camera is exposed to too much dust, dusts may enter into the case and likely to bring leaking problem.


Thirdly, use the waterproof camera with care. To prolong the service life of waterproof cameras, it should take care when using. Before using, it is better to check if the cover of the case is in good sealing because the seal cover part is easy to leak.


Fourthly, avoid hitting the waterproof case. Heavy strike would make the lid come off.


All above are methods to maintain the waterproof cameras. One more important thing is to pay attention to the brand of the waterproof cameras. When choosing waterproof cameras, it is better to choose brands with good reputations such as HDKing, which is professional in developing and producing waterproof cameras for years!

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