Differences between HDKing 360 panoramic action camera and traditional action camera

2017-03-23 17:04:13

HDKing 360 panoramic action camera VS  traditional action camera

What are the features of HDKing 360 panoramic camera that our users go for? Lives would be full of much more convenience and fun because of the existence of 360 panoramic cameras.  Generally, photos by traditional cameras are lack of layers because of its shortages. First shortages, the image sensor of traditional cameras have to finish the process of transition. Second, the performance of the DSP is not so good, so leads to big color difference between photos and real objects. Third, the core technology is not so much mature, thus costing high maintenance fee.

Shenzhen HDKing Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of 360 panoramic sport cameras. Below are some good features of it:

1. 360 panoramic camera design is very fashion novel, 8 colors are available;

2. The user operation is quite easy, no more guiding needed;

3. High resolution video quality, and smooth in displaying;

4. Strong wifi function, realizing real time displaying;

5. Friendly interface of APP, 8 shooting/filming modes available, easy operation;

6. When viewing a picture on phones or tablets, we can zoom in/out and dragging 360 degrees to view every angle of the image.

7. The APP supports that all the photos can be directly uploaded to social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, QQ or wechat.

Shenzhen HDKing Electronics Co., Ltd, established in 1999, is located in Sunshine industrial area, Xili town, Nanshan, Shenzhen. It is a professional technology company specializing in designing and producing car DVR and sport camera, among which the 360 panoramic camera is highly recommended by the users.

Shenzhen HDKing Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 1999 and located in Sunshine Industrial area in Nanshan Shenzhen. HDKing is a high tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing action camera, car dvr and various digital camcorders.

At present, we have passed the IOS9001:2008 Quality Management System”, and all cams have CE ROHS FCC certifications for EU&US market! HDKing corporate vision is: with customer orientation, caring about customer experience and feelings, developing exquisite and safe product as per customers’ requirements, bring excitement to the people of the world!

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